Author's Biography

Carolyn Gall’s career started by telling stories to her siblings who were entertained by them. She once again began to tell stories to her grandchildren. They loved to hear bedtime stories and were delighted when grandma told them an original story. All four insisted the story should be written down and “The Frisky Puppy” was born.

“The Frisky Puppy” was written to entertain and enlighten her grandchildren. It can be purchased at She enjoys writing fairy tales, poetry and short stories. Recently she wrote Czech fairy tales based on her heritage and some poetry as well as a short story about “The Adventures of Nikos in the Greek Islands”. She enjoys drawing and has illustrated a drawing of “Grandme SeaGull” for her web-sites.

In 2013, she started her formal education at Southern New Hampshire University. At the age of sixty-one she knew she wanted to embark on a second career. Love of stories and their telling was a part of her make-up and could be denied no long. To be taken as a serious writer, education in this field of study was paramount for success.  She will be graduating in 2017 with her BA in creative writing-fiction.