The cover art to my new book "Frisky Grows Up"

Apr. 3, 2016


I've finished the cover art to "Frisky Grows Up" and would like some input on what you all think of it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If anyone feels it needs to be altered that can be done easily enough.

Thank you,

Grand Me Sea Gull

Mar. 15, 2016

Parents and Grandparents,

Has your child/grandchild run into the problem of bullying or just other children that don't want to be friends? If so "The Frisky Puppy" addresses these problems and more. See how he handles the farm animals that don't want to be friends and those that push him around. It is an insightful approach that nets him some true friends. This will help your child/grandchild understand the difference between true friends and bullies or children that just don't want to be friends. Please take the time to consider what this book has to offer.


Grand Me Sea Gull

Mar. 6, 2016


  It was hot and sunny. Frisky loved to visit the rabbits. He spent time playing and running in the woods. They played hide and seek, swam in the creek and talked about their adventures. They played pirate and tag. They met most of the animals in the neighborhood. There was an old wolf that the animals took food to because he couldn't see to hunt anymore. His pack would bring him meat when they could. Everyone liked to listen to his stories. He had many adventures and  was happy to share them with others.

  I hope you enjoyed this bit of the story.

Grand Me Sea Gull


Mar. 6, 2016

Hello All,

I am currently working on a sequel to "The Frisky Puppy." I hope to have it out fall 2016. It will be about Frisky growing up, falling in love, getting married and having children.  Yes, I did say getting married. There will be some new characters. It will be a fun read, Here is a tidbit, Her name is Clementine. look for it this fall. I will also be reformatting "The Frisky Puppy" as it was written and published prior to the start of my education. If you want a copy of the original please get it now.


Grand Me Sea Gull

Feb. 24, 2016

As parents and grandparents, we want only the best for our children/grandchildren. By asking them about their reading material choices we can gain insight into what they like and why. Sometimes they maybe reading a book because friends said it was good. It is always interesting to find out if they liked it and why. This information is useful in two ways. It lets you know their liked and dislikes and allows you to introduce them to books they may not have considered. We have all read books that we enjoyed as children and they may also interest our children or grandchildren. I want to offer some suggestions for you to consider in my next post.


Grand Me Sea Gull